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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  June 6, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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is ahead of mitt romney looking ahead to november. lessons should we take from tonight's republican win in the recall election looking ahead to november? >> i think if you are a democrat, you take a look at these numbers and to say president obama is still up 11 points in the state by those who voted. voters who voted today still believe he is better able to help the middle class and manage the economy. but if you are a republican a look at the state of wisconsin, which has not been won by a republican since 1988, you take a look at these numbers and do say, when we organize, when we cannot spend the democrats, when we have a good grass-roots organization, that can match the democrats grassroots organization, then we have a possibility of winning in the
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state of wisconsin. they are going to be very happy with these results. >> a good night for the republicans. thanks very much.
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♪ >> inside westminster hall, there is the queen having had the royals lead. and the national land of. it comes to an end, the launch part of the proceedings. very shortly, the queen will be leaving along with other members of the royal family and will be joining the carriage procession. outside westminster hall at this moment, the sovereign says cord is forming along with all the other members of that household cavalry. this is what britain does best. what you are seeing is the king's trip, the royal horse artillery, who are lining up for the parade where they will be firing the gun salute.
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the queen is now leading with the sovereign state in front. this is exciting. this is verging on historic. we will be joined by sir david frost. welcome. and lloyd webber, welcome. and so far truly overlooked after years of service to the very building behind us at buckingham palace. welcome to you all. put into context what this is about. people say why should we care while the queen is having her 60th anniversary celebration. what do you say? >> emerges quickly that people do care. it may be difficult to explain exactly what it is but you see people really do care. and go to places and people gather here and gather there, they really do care. what is it? on the 1 hand, people want to
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see the glamour of the palaces and so on. on the other hand, the journalists say it is important. the royals are ordinary folk. people want them to be extraordinary an ordinary, quite difficult. >> we have just learned and hopefully this is a good sign of things to come is that we have learned in 1902 state landau will be used so that is a good sign. at least they are hoping the rain will not fall down on the queen. what more do you know about this carriage news? >> we have been going backwards and forwards. would it be the australian coach from 1988 or the 1902 land out? even though it is raining, we will get the first umbrellas and as you can see from the lining up outside, they're going to use the 1902 landau. a change at the last minute.
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call the people are going to get a spectacular view of the procession. >> even as we said there were going to go with the carriage, the ring suddenly got have here. which shows you organizing these things must be a hellish nightmare. just now as we said, down comes the rain. >> it is one of those nightmares she can't predict. years ago when the queen used to ride the troupe into color, it rained cats and dogs overnight. they thought about calling it off but they didn't. the sun came out and by the time the queen got back to buckingham palace, the heavens opened. a marvelous picture of her sitting astride in the center gave way with her head crunched over because the parade is slashing down. >> want to talk to enter about last night's concert, and a credible extravaganza. madness on the roof and all sides of pyrotechnics. you were involved in this which
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was the jubilee charity. >> is the official song which i have written and it was great last night because we wanted to celebrate one thing. to pick up what sir david said, the one thing i wanted to do was celebrate her involvement with the commonwealth. i think in the way that is the same thing the multi-cultural society like britain today, it is the fact that she kept the commonwealth together in ways that she has for 60 years. we wanted to try this as much as we possibly could. you name it, we had aborigines care prince harry on the tambourine. a very moving performance. >> you are on the stage at the end when everybody came out. the queen and sir charles made that speech, what was that like to be there? >> it was fantastic. the thing i enjoyed the most was
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at the very beginning when this was not show on television but when i went out and we rehearsed the whole audience. that was fun because something that you are not completely on duty but a huge sign and it was amazing. >> here she is back, more live pictures. walking solo without her husband. prince philip, he is in the hospital because of his bladder infection. it looks like the luncheon is over and she is walking outside and the big moment we are waiting for despite the rain we have been hearing on this roof is the fact she will be taking this open carriage, the last time we saw this particular carriage publicly was only saw william and kate. a very famous carriage and the fact that it is out means they're confident about the weather. >> with the queen hold an umbrella in that type of carriage?
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>> if it is just a minute address all, it will be transparent umbrella. prince philip was actually carried striding yesterday morning. he was carriage driving at the age of 90 on sunday. there must be a concern to take him to the hospital. >> talk to me about prince philip. he is not here today but what an amazing rocky has been to the queen. >> incredible. she has recently said more clearly than ever that he has been incredible because he has had -- arguably one of the most difficult roles in the world. you stay respected. >> you see the queen getting into the landau carriage. let's watch a bit this because this is a piece of history.
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>> you can see the queen because her husband is not well, she is being joined, a bed of last-minute change this morning. she is joined by her son, prince charles and his wife and it will no longer be three carriage is, that to . the first carriage year and the second carriage will be prince harry, william and kathryn. they will begin this recession which will take them past triple or square, essentially where the massive crowd is that will be opened up and they will be able to walk along. before they do, she under the arch and up here to buckingham palace. next, london celebrates the diamond jubilee of her majesty the queen. i will have the highlights of the day the british have been waiting 60 years to see. look, i don't play 'bout my facial hair.
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>> absolutely great indeed. most extraordinary. because we do it best. >> we do, don't we? >> we do. >> let's go to richard quest because i have to say, she is 86 years young, she had a rock concert at her home last night, and she looks pretty good, unlike queen victoria who needed
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help out of her carriage when she was celebrating her 60 years in 1897. the queen looks very good. >> indefatigable. >> the stamina is fantastic. >> amazing. >> here we have the queen getting out of the carriage. 86 years old. and let's just watch. presentation from the household. and the other carriage now arriving as well. this is the last we will see of the queen before she appears on the balcony just about an hour or so before the fly past. the members of the senior members of the royal family, now going inside.
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the duke and duchess of cambridge, prince harry. all the immediate members of the family directly in line of accession, they'll be on the balcony. >> we've got more of the queen's diamond jubilee coming up.
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here we have the queen getting out of the carriage. 86 year old. and let's just watch. and the other carriage now arriving as well. this is the last we will see of the queen before she appears on the balcony just about an hour
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or so before the fly-pass. other senior members of the royal family now going inside. the duke and duchess of came bridge, prince harry. all the immediate members of the family direct in line of accession. they will be the ones that will be on the balcony with her majesty. so that's the last we're going to see of the queen for a while, probably kicking off her shoes for a moment, having a cup of tea or whatever, while she gets ready for this amazing balcony appearance. here in trafalgar square people are going to try to get down the mall as far as they can. just spotting one of the marching bands here at the palace. once again, a look at this, because you don't see this very often and we'll never see another diamond jubilee again so let's soak in some of the atmosphere.
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>> just look at the crowds and you can just hear the band, you probably can still pick up the band over our microphone. you can just feel it all around, all these people, thousands and thousands, perhaps a million, surrounding buckingham palace. as we're all waiting for the big moment. there's this huge balcony area our shoulders where we will see the queen and over closest members of the royal family. here you go. and we're moments away from that. i want to bring in -- >> look at that, these crowds. look at the scene. i mean, you just don't see this anywhere in the world. >> we're waiting for the big wave. no kisses today. that was last year at the royal wedding. >> how do you know? >> because her husband isn't here. >> there might be other kissing on the balcony. >> anyhoo, i want to welcome in
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philippa gregory, best-selling author, her book is called "the changeling." we also have india hicks and katie nichol. my question to you katie nichol, the significance of who we will be seeing in a matter of minutes out on that balcony. it's the closest of the royals. >> it should be. the duchess of cornwall, the prince of wales, the duchess and duke of cambridge, and prince harry, that is it. usually you get to see the whole plethora of the royal family. not this time. the golden jubilee has been very different to the golden and silver jubilee where you had a lot of members of the oil family. this is a slimmed-down appearance by the money farry. >> why? >> because it's all about the line of succession and the queen is tend sending out a very clear message by sending her heir and her other heir out there and that is what this is all about. >> katie nichol, india hicks. india, you were one of princess
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diana easily bridesmaids. what that is like standing on that balcony with her crowds of people? >> what is the standing behind the curtains waiting to come out, what is you all doing? >> catching up on family gossip, drinking homemade lemon refresher. the keen loves the homemade lemon refresher. beginning to open the glass doors, the rock stars as you say will be beginning to make their way to the front. everybody just knows who's going to be out there. there will be a gentle push of the elbow. standing on that balcony and looking down at thousands upon thousands of upturned faces is extraordinary. but what's so extraordinary is that it's very unusual to see peaceful crowds. so often we see rioting crowds or football hooligans or crowds protesting. how often do we see thousands upon thousands of crowds this
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excited? >> you and i have a disagreement about the merits of the standing of great monarchs. i believe she may well be the greatest. i believe after diana's death there was a possibility the monarchy could have done to an end. now you see these scenes and you think they've bought themselves at least a couple of generations i'd imagine. more importantly the queen as a role model to the british people, talk to me about that. >> well, again, i was think about our disagreement as well and i think if it hadn't been quite so wet and cold i might have been more generous and less republican. but i have to say to you i think she's a fine, fine woman. >> i believe the monarchy is stronger today, much stronger than it was ten years ago. i see a real resurgence in the monarchy of this country and that is tangible. >> i agree with you. i think what we see today and last year with the wedding was a real return and interest in them as a family and some people that one could really admire and
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enjoy watching. but i still think that the danger that they are in is that they are part of celebrity culture and i think the moment something goes wrong or somebody does something wrong, what we're going to see is the fickleness of public taste. >> you and i worked the british media the last 20 years or so. the reality is that i think the temperature has changed. the relationship is much less confrontational, much morsel vertebra tore -- >> look who was in the carriage with the queen today. >> camilla parker bowles. >> if you want to see the change, look at the karen. >> piers, i think they've had to change, they've had to modernize. i know what you're saying about celebrity. i see the risk of them being billed as l.a. stars as when they came over to l.a. actually, the monarchy needs to embrace the new age. and later, the big moment. the queen and the family on the balcony at buckingham palace.
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welcome back to london. there it is the empty balcony. the world's most famous empty balcony. any moment it will fill with the most famous people on the planet. we're joined by author of the book. you've covered this family for a long time. probably as long as i have. what do you think of all this? >> i think it's just a great endorsement for the royal family, isn't it? >> i feel like they've been energized these last four days to a new level again. let's talk about the historical context of this. people who made a false sujs that the queen may one day may rush through william and this kind of thing. that's not going to happen, is it? >> totally. the reigning monarch must die
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for the next to inherit. you simply cannot go leapfrogging a character you think is not going to be as popular as the next one. once you start doing that, why stick with the house of windsor? and if you don't stick with the house of windsor you're into elections and then the great thing about the monarchy is it is a unifying factor in the country. the minute you have politicians or elections, half the country wants the person that's on the throne and the other half doesn't. so there's always discord. >> penny, on that historical point, it's very important i think we don't allow the monarchy to get politicized. >> i think it will be unacceptable. but the monarchy has power. it has soft power. it has moral leadership. i think that is what is -- you know, william and harry the pair of them are fantastic leaders.
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>> my brother-in-law actually was one of the colonels in charge of training them at the military academy. so my sister used to have the welcome the royals. what was fascinating was he said about both the boys they were great soldiers and they never wanted to be treated any differently than any of the others. they never asked for favors and never got favors. and that again is a great tribute to the royal family. managed to stay so relatively normal. >> actually, probably as much as anybody else, prince charles and the duchess of cornwall. most boys would be carrying by the death of their memory. they have fond memories of their childhood but have managed to come through that. >> charles again, after diana dies those boys from their
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teenager years, it must have been horrible. i think we have movement. we have movement. >> they're coming out. the doors will open. >> i've seen a twitching hand by the curtains. >> bursting at the seams with your british pride. >> i hope i'm seeing a twitching hand. otherwise we're staring at a empty boll cony. >> what do you think they've been doing these last minutes? >> they've been watching cnn. that's what they're doing. breaking live coverage around the world. i can definitely see something going on there. >> my mother who spent a great deal of time with the queen and is very close to her always says to know her is to admire her above all else. and i think that that today -- >> i don't think the queen wants everyone to love her. she wants her to admire her and respect her and respect the monarchy. >> i think it's the office.
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>> listen to this crowd. >> the door's open. >> something is going. there's the queen. the queen is coming out on the balcony. this is a great moment. >> look at her. alone at first. wow.
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>> coming up from buckingham palace, the flyover. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties.
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the queen is coming out on the balcony. this is a great moment. >> there she is. look at her. alone at first. wow.
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>> we're going to see the royal air force battle. flown by a lancaster bomber and a spit fire and a hurricane. and there will be t-1 jets. this will be pretty spectacular. we weren't expecting it because there's so much cloud and rain, but they're going for it. so the queen will get her fly-by.
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and i'm so pleased for the queen because the fly-by is such an important part of these events. >> here it comes.
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>> calm down, carry on. ♪ ♪ >> hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!
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>> fantastic things there. the triple salute, a million subjects outside buckingham palace. gut reaction to what we saw? >> immense pride to be sitting here. >> it was emotional. wasn't it? >> very, very emotional. imagine how she feels. how many times she's been on that balcony. she must be missing her mother and sister who were incredibly close to her, but more so prince william who we hope is warm and cozy in the hospital. >> she looked really moved to me. she looked to me like she just took a moment because she was slightly overwhelmed by the whole thing. i haven't seen that before. coming up, queen elizabeth marks 60 years on the throne and the nation celebrates.
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your majesty, on the historic occasion of your diamond jubilee, michelle and i send you and all the members of the commonwealth the heart felt congratulations of the american people. in war and in peace, in times of plenty and in times of hardship, the united states and the united kingdom have shared a special relationship. we stood tall and strong. and together, we face some of the greatest challenges this world has known. while many presidents and prime ministers have come and gone, your majesty's reign has endured. [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer.
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rumsfeld live wednesday night 9:00 p.m. eastern. now from buckingham palace, good night. i'm john king in for anderson cooper. let's go with the breaking news tonight. cnn now projecting scott walker the republican governor of wisconsin will withstand a recall challenge from milwaukee mayor tom barrett. the republican winning in a hotly contested nationally watched recall election. the big issue at the beginning, governor walker's efforts to curtail the rights of public employees unions. in the middle of a gig budget crisis. tens of millions of dollars spent on the recall election. about 27% of the vote in, governor walker leading by 60% to 40%. our exit polls show the race to be a little closer than that. let's take a break to the magic wall to show why we're


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